Best Youtube channels for CDS Preparation

Are you a defence aspirant searching for Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation? Look no further other than our well research and comprehensive guide of selected and Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation.

Preparation for the defence exam is the first step towards your journey of becoming an officer in the Indian Defence Forces and before you start preparing for any exam it becomes very important that you selected the right resources during your preparation phase.

In this blog post, we have bought you the best resources as Youtube channels that you can follow to boost your preparation. So without any further delay let’s explore the Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation.

1. Defence Adda 247: AFCAT, CAPF & CDS Preparation

Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation

The first channel on our list is Defence Adda 247: AFCAT, CAPF & CDS Preparation they have over 722k subscribers on YouTube and over 13k videos uploaded on their channel. Defence Adda 247 is the sub-channel of Adda247 education, they have many more channels related to other competitive and government exams.

Defence Addda 247 provides detailed video lectures for CDS preparation for free. Students can easily access their lectures from the wide range of lectures from their playlists. Other than CDS they also provide video lectures and study material for AFCAT and CAPF aspirants on this channel.

2. BYUJ’s Exam Prep: CDS, AFCAT & CAPF

Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation

The second channel on our list of Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation is BYUJ’s Exam Prep: CDS, AFCAT & CAPF. BYJU’s Exam Prep has 448k subscribers on Youtube and uploaded over 5.1k videos till now.

They provide comprehensive video lectures, test series and study material for the CDS exam. BYUJ’s is a well-known name in exam preparation and if you trust them you can definitely follow their study material and video lectures.

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Other than the CDS exam they provide study material and video lectures for the AFCAT exam, CAPF exam, Territorial Army exam, and Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Exam. On their Youtube channel, they cover Detailed Exam Analysis, Daily live classes, Subject Marathons, Weekly and Monthly Current Affairs, Burning Issues and Success Stories of the recommended candidates.

3. Exampur: CDS, AFCAT & CAPF Exam Prep

Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation

Exampur: CDS, AFCAT & CAPF Exam Prep have 180k subscribers on Youtube and 7.4 videos on their channel. Exampur provides free video lectures on their Youtube channel as well as they have their paid course also.

Their paid batch starts from Rs. 1999/- for the whole year (In the offer period), as mentioned by them their regular price for the batch is Rs. 4999/- for the full year. Along with CDS they provide both paid and free batches for CAPF and AFCAT also.

Some key features of their channel are Expert Faculties, Doubt sessions, Marathon Classes, Test series, Pdf notes, Ebooks, Current Affairs, Quiz and Career Counseling.

4. Defence Wallah

Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation

The next channel on the list of Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation is Defence Wallah. We have also covered this channel in our well-researched list of Best YouTube Channels for NDA preparation.

Defence Wallah is one of the many channels of Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey. It has 710k subscribers on Youtube and had uploaded over 1.3k videos on its channel.

They provide live classes, syllabus-oriented lectures, doubt classes, free guidance for SSB preparation, and the best tips and tricks to crack any Defence exam on Youtube.

Along with the free batches they also have paid batches running on their app. The paid batch for the CDS exam is Viraat Batch which is priced at Rs 1999/- . Defence Wallah provides video lectures and study material for NDA and AFCAT also.

5. CDS Journey

Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation

If you want a channel specifically dedicated to the CDS exam then CDS Journey is the one for you, with over 183k Subscribers and 226 videos on their Youtube channel they stick to and emphasise to CDS preparation only.

CDS Journey provides current affairs lectures, geography lectures and lectures on other subjects which is necessary for the CDs preparation. Aspirants can easily access the video lectures and study material from the playlists section.

They do not have any paid batches running till now and provide all the lectures on Youtube only you can visit the channel by clicking the visit now button below.

6. Brigadier Defence Academy

Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation

Number sixth on our list of Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation is Brigadier Defence Academy. They have 157k subscribers on YouTube and uploaded 2.8k videos till now.

Brigadier Defence Academy provides details video lectures for CDS preparation along with test series and notes. As it is a physical academy situated in Deharadun aspirants can also attend their physical classes.

7. Major Kalshi Classes

Best YouTube Channels for CDS preparation

Major Kalshi Classes is another channel for CDS preparation, they have over 1.08 million and 5k videos on their channel. They also provide Study material for NDA and AFCAT.

Aspirants can watch their video lectures on YouTube and they also have a physical academy situated in Pragraj. If you live near the academy you can attend their physical classes too. You can visit their YouTube channel by visiting the link below.


The world of YouTube offers a treasure trove of valuable resources for those preparing for the Combined Defense Services (CDS) exam. We have explored some of the best YouTube channels that can greatly assist in your CDS preparation journey.

These channels cover a wide range of subjects and provide comprehensive content in simple and easily understandable language. They offer a variety of videos, including lectures, tutorials, practice sessions, and tips from experienced professionals and educators.

By leveraging these resources, you can gain a deeper understanding of the exam syllabus and improve your knowledge and skills in key areas such as mathematics, English, general knowledge, and current affairs.

The featured YouTube channels not only provide educational content but also offer strategies, shortcuts, and exam-specific guidance to help you approach the CDS exam with confidence. They present information in a visually engaging and interactive manner, making learning enjoyable and effective. Additionally, many of these channels respond to viewers’ queries and concerns, fostering an interactive learning environment.

Moreover, these channels allow you to access the study materials and video lectures at your convenience, enabling self-paced learning. You can revisit difficult topics, revise concepts, and practice mock tests to gauge your progress and identify areas that require further attention.

The availability of diverse content ensures that you have access to different teaching styles and approaches, allowing you to find the one that suits your learning preferences.

However, it is important to remember that YouTube videos should supplement your overall study plan and not replace traditional study resources like textbooks and practice books. Striking a balance between online resources and offline study materials is essential to develop a well-rounded understanding of the CDS exam content.

In conclusion, by utilizing the best YouTube channels for CDS preparation, you can harness the power of online education and significantly enhance your chances of success in the CDS exam. So, start exploring these channels, engage with the content, and embark on your journey towards a successful career in defense services. Good luck!