India’s Bravehearts Book Review

India’s Bravehearts Book Review: Hello defence aspirants! Are you a defence aspirant or someone who loves reading books, especially those related to defence forces? Good news for you! We have bought you one of the best books to read.

Today in this blog post we will review India’s Bravehearts by Lt Gen Satish Dua (RETD) and tell you all about the book and why should defence aspirants read it.

“India’s Bravehearts” is an inspiring book that pays tribute to the courageous soldiers who have fearlessly served and sacrificed for their nation.

So without any further delay let’s move on to India’s Bravehearts Book Review.

India’s Bravehearts Book Review

About the Author

The book India’s Bravehearts is written by RETD Lt Gen Satish a retired Lieutenant General Of the Indian Army. He served as Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) of the Indian Armed Forces and the Former 15 Corps (XV Corps) in Kashmir.

Satish Dua was the Kashmir Corps Commander during the ‘surgical strike’ in September 2016. Also, He was the Colonel of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment. Source: Wikipedia

About the Book

The book India’s Bravehearts: Untold Stories from the Indian Army is an account of stories from the life and military career of Lt General Satish Dua.

The book highlights the stories from the various operations of the Indian Army including the story of the Surgical Strike of 2016 where brave soldiers of the Indian Army successfully destroyed the base camps of terrorists inside the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). One paragraph from the book is :

“When the ‘boys’ returned after successfully completing the 2016 ‘surgical strike’ across the LoC, on a tray for tea, bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label arrived. No glasses were used, Lt Gen Satish Dua (retd) – then Corps Commander – poured decent slugs straight into the mouths of the ‘boys’ because the ‘SF [Special Forces] guys are in a habit of eating whisky glasses”.

The book is filled with thousands of such emotional and thrilling stories. It will warm your heart with some stories and make you feel thrilled and on the other hand, it will make you feel deeply saddened by the heartbreaking stories of the soldiers.

“India’s Bravehearts” does an excellent job of creating an emotional connection with the readers. The stories portray the personal sacrifices made by the brave soldiers, their unwavering loyalty, and their unwavering commitment to the nation.

Readers will find themselves deeply moved and inspired by the sacrifices made by these real-life heroes, strengthening their own love and respect for the country.

The author introduces readers to little to little aspects of the military, he explains them all about how the military works and what are the terms used in the military.

The writing and narration style of the book is very good and easy to read the book does not contain complex sentences or literature.

India’s Bravehearts is basically an overnight read filled with exciting and thrilling stories of the Indian Army.

Why defence aspirants should read the book?

If you are preparing for defence forces read this book as it highlights the courage and determination of the soldiers of the Indian Army towards their duty.

This book will help defence aspirants in developing some key Officer-like Qualities (OLQs) which will help the aspirant to clear the way to defence forces.

Also, the book is so inspiring and motivating to read, defence aspirants will feel immense thrill reading while reading the book and it will ultimately fuel up the desire inside you to join the defence forces.

In conclusion, India’s Bravehearts by Lt Gen Satish Dua serves as a powerful reminder that behind every uniform lies an extraordinary individual who embodies the true spirit of heroism. It is a book that will leave readers with a profound sense of pride, gratitude, and admiration for the brave soldiers who defend and protect the nation with unwavering courage.

So this was our post on India’s Bravehearts Book Review, I hope this review helped you to know more about the book in detail. If you are looking forward to buying it then click the link below.