Sukhoi Su-57 vs The AMCA: Who wins?

Sukhoi Su-57 vs The AMCA: The Sukhoi Su-57 and the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) are the two cutting-edge technology in military aviation developed by Russia and India indigenously, having excellent features and capabilities they are very suitable to compare with each other.

In this detailed blog post about Sukhoi Su-57 vs The AMCA, we will discuss the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of both fighter jets and try to conclude which one is better in the variety of combat situations provided such as Air Superiority, Strike and Ground Attack Capabilities, Electronic Warfare and Countermeasure, etc.

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Sukhoi Su-57: Advanced Russian Fighter

Sukhoi Su-57 vs The AMCA

Sukhoi Su-57 is a 5th Generation Twin Engine stealth multirole Aircraft developed by the Sukhoi group in Russia. The Su-57 is the first jet in Russian Airforce with stealth technology which means the aircraft will not be easily detected by the radars and do its operations perfectly without getting detected. It is known for its advanced features that make it a formidable fighter in the skies.

Su-57 is capable of aerial combat as well as maritime combat effectively, it incorporates stealth, supermanoeuvrability, and supercruise with integrated avionics and has a large payload capacity.

The aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics, including sophisticated radar systems and sensor fusion technology. These systems provide the pilot with enhanced situational awareness, enabling them to make informed decisions during combat scenarios.

When it comes to how well it performs, the Su-57 is really impressive. It can move around and change direction very easily, which is called manoeuvrability. It can also go really fast. The Su-57 has special engines that let it do cool tricks like making sharp turns and flying at high angles. This makes it really good in fights with other planes, giving it an advantage.

The Su-57 is equipped with a wide range of weapon systems, including air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, allowing it to engage both aerial and ground targets effectively. These weapons are complemented by its radar systems, which enable it to detect and track multiple targets simultaneously.

Below are some specifications of the aircraft:

Engine AL-41 Saturn (Dual)
DimentionsLength: 20 m
Wingspan: 14.1 m
Height: 4.7 m
Speed2.1 Mach
Payload Capacity35000 kg
Range3500 km
Crew Member1
Dry Thrust93 kn
Max Thrust147 Kn
Service Ceiling66000 ft
G Limits+9
Empty Weight18000 Kg

The AMCA: India’s Indigenous Fighter Jet

Sukhoi Su-57 vs The AMCA: Who wins?

The Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is also a Twin Engine all-weather stealth Multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) indigenously in India.

The AMCA is a fifth-generation fighter, just like the Sukhoi Su-57 we talked about earlier. But what makes it special is that it is being built by Indian engineers and scientists, making it a source of pride for India.

It is a single-seater advanced aircraft which will be used by Indian Airforce and Navy expected by 2025.

The goal of the AMCA is to have a fighter aircraft that is made in India and not dependent on other countries for its development. It shows that India is capable of building advanced military technology on its own.

Similar to the Su-57, the AMCA will also have features that make it hard to detect by enemy radars. This is called stealth technology, and it helps the aircraft remain hidden from the enemy’s radar, making it difficult to be detected and shot down.

The AMCA will have advanced sensors and weapons systems that will give it a strong advantage in combat. These sensors help the pilot see and understand the situation around the aircraft, while the weapons systems allow the AMCA to engage and destroy targets, both in the air and on the ground.

The AMCA is being designed to be very capable and powerful, with the aim of protecting India’s skies and defending the country from any threats that may arise.

By developing the AMCA, India is showcasing its technological capabilities and aiming to become self-reliant in the field of military aviation. It is a symbol of India’s progress and its determination to have its own advanced fighter aircraft.

Now let’s look at some of the specifications of the AMCA:

Engine  GE-414
DimentionsLength: 17.2 m
Height: 4.8 m
Speed2.5+ Mach
Empty Weight11000 Kg
Payload Capacity29000 Kg
Fuel Capacity6500 Kg
Range3240 Km
Ferry Range5324 Km
Service Ceiling65000 Ft

Sukhoi Su-57 vs The AMCA: Air Superiority

The air superiority capabilities of an aircraft refer to its ability to dominate the skies and outperform other aircraft in combat situations. Let’s compare the Su-57 vs the AMCA in terms of their air superiority features:

Both the Su-57 and the AMCA have special systems called radar that help them detect other aircraft in the sky. These radars are like special eyes that can see far away. They help the pilots of these planes to find and track enemy aircraft, giving them an advantage in a battle. The AMCA will be equipped with Uttam AESA Radar which will use gallium nitride (GaN) technology while Su-57 is equipped with N036 Byelka radar.

When it comes to staying hidden from enemy radar, both planes have technologies that make it difficult for radars to detect them. This is called stealth technology.

It’s like being invisible to the enemy’s radar, making it harder for them to target and shoot down the aircraft. The problem with the Su-57 is that the engine is visible outside which hinders its stealth feature.

In a dogfight, which is a close-range fight between two planes, manoeuvrability is crucial. Both the Su-57 and the AMCA are designed to be very manoeuvrable. It means they can perform quick and agile movements in the sky, like sharp turns and twists. This helps them evade enemy attacks and get into a better position to attack.

The AMCA will be equipped with Astra I, Astra MK-1, Astra MK-2 and Astra MK-3 for Air to Air attack and on the other hand, Su-57 is equipped with 4x Rud-Md, 2x R-73 and R-37 missiles for Air to Air attack.

To sum it up, both the Su-57 and the AMCA have advanced radar systems to detect enemy planes, stealth technology to stay hidden from radars, and great manoeuvrability to outmanoeuvre opponents. These features make them strong contenders in air-to-air combat, giving them the potential to dominate the skies and achieve air superiority.

Sukhoi Su-57 vs The AMCA: Strike and Ground Attack Capabilities

When it comes to strike and ground attack capabilities, it means how well an aircraft can attack and destroy targets on the ground, such as enemy vehicles, buildings, or military installations. Let’s understand the capabilities of the Su-57 vs the AMCA in this aspect:

Both the Su-57 and the AMCA are equipped with powerful weapons that can be used to attack ground targets. These weapons include missiles and bombs that can be launched from the aircraft.

These planes have different types of missiles and bombs designed for different purposes. Some are meant to destroy tanks and armoured vehicles, while others are used to target buildings or even ships.

The Su-57 is equipped with 4x KH-38 and KH-59 MK2 missiles for Air to Surface Attacks and also it is equipped with 2x KH-33 and 4x KH-58 Anti-ship missiles.

On the Other hand, the AMCA is equipped with Brahmos-NG, Sant, and NGRAM for Air to Ground attacks and for bombing it contains LASER-guided Sudharshan bombs, HSLD-250, 450, and 500 bombs. The AMCA also have Saaw DRDO Glide Bombs.

The Su-57 and the AMCA both have advanced systems that help them accurately aim and hit their targets. These systems ensure that the weapons are delivered with precision, increasing their effectiveness.

Additionally, both planes are designed to carry a good amount of weapons, allowing them to engage in multiple attacks without needing to return to base frequently.

With their strike and ground attack capabilities, the Su-57 and the AMCA can support ground forces and carry out missions to neutralize enemy targets effectively.

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