Best Books for NDA Preparation

Best Books for NDA Preparation: When it comes to exam preparations books are the most important things to be selected for preparation of the selected exam. When it comes to the selection of books before exam preparation it becomes very important to select the right books to excel in your examinations with minimum effort.

And keeping that in mind today in this blog we will discuss some Best Books for NDA Preparation which will not only make your selection of the books easier but also make your way to NDA much much easier.

But remember selecting and buying books for NDA Preparation does little to nothing if you don’t follow a guided path and plan for your preparation.

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Things to consider before selecting the Best Books for NDA Preparation

Selecting books for your NDA preparation can be exciting but there are certain things to consider before selecting or buying Books for NDA Preparation.

1. Syllabus Coverage

Before buying any book for your NDA preparation it becomes very necessary to ensure if that book covers the whole syllabus or not. You should see what syllabus it covers on the internet or by visiting a physical bookstore.

2. Authoritative and Reputable Publishers

The second thing to consider before buying any book is its Publisher and writer. Do not go for any random publisher as the book may contain spelling or factual errors which might cause you a huge loss in your exam.

3. Updated Editions

While buying books for your preparation you should always look for updated versions of the books as they are less likely to have errors and will fetch you with the latest information.

4. Previous Years’ Question Papers

It is like a cherry on the cake if the book you are buying also contains some Previous Year Questions. PYQs are the most important thing to practice for an exam and if your book already contains that then you will not have to spend your money in buying PYQ books.

5. Time and Study Plan

Always select the books according to your study plan and the number of days left for your exam. If only one month or less is left for your exam then you need not buy “Pathfinder” instead you should buy some PYQ books and practice them.

Best Books for NDA Preparation

So now we have seen the important things to consider before selecting books for NDA preparation let’s now discuss some best books for NDA preparation which will help you achieve your dream of becoming a officer in the Indian Armed Forces.

1. Mathematics for NDA/NA by RS Agrawal

Best books for NDA Preparation

Dr RS Agrawal is a well-known author of mathematics in India and their mathematics books are the bestsellers at 10+2 level. The book “Mathematics for NDA/NA” by RS Agrawal is one of the best books from all books available for NDA preparation.

The book covers a variety of questions asked in the National Defence Academy examination. The level of questions raises gradually from easy to moderate to tough which helps all kinds of students in their preparation hence making it among the Best books for NDA Preparation for Mathematics section.

If you still find it tough to solve its questions you should first clear your basic concepts from the NCERT Maths textbooks of 11th and 12th standard and then move on to this book. Additionally, the book also contains PYQs between the questions which is an additional leverage of the book. You need not to buy additional books to practice the previous year questions.

2. Objective General English by SP Bakshi

Best books for NDA Preparation

The second book on our list is for preparation of English. As we all know English plays a significant role in NDA paper II GAT.

English section consists of 50 questions and each of the 4 marks that sum up to 200 marks in the GAT paper. So it becomes very important to select the right book for English preparation for the NDA exam.

And here comes one of the best books in the English section that is Objective General English by SP Bakshi. The book focuses on the key concepts of the English language and questions in MCQ format which gives the student a direct advantage as the NDA exam also consists of questions in MCQ format only.

You can buy these books by clicking the buy now button below each section.

3. Objective GK by Lucent Publications

Best Book for NDA Preparation

The next book on our list of Best books for NDA preparation is Objective GK by Lucents publication. We all know how important the GK portion is for the GAT paper.

If you struggle in History, Geography, Politics and other general knowledge section then this book is for you. The book covers the Static GK and History, Geography, Politics and Economics section which is very much important for the GAT section.

The book includes a wide variety of practice questions and previous years’ papers to help aspirants assess their knowledge and prepare for the exam effectively.

These questions cover a range of difficulty levels, enabling candidates to gauge their level of preparation. Give the book a detailed reading and you are good to go with your GK part.

4. NCERT Textbooks for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Best books for NDA Preparation

NCERT Textbooks are best when it comes to GAT preparation. If you are looking for the best book for Science Preparation i.e. Physics Chemistry and Biology for the GAT section of the NDA Examination then you should look no further than NCERT Textbooks of 11th and 12th standard.

But remember UPSC NDA do not ask tough or even moderate questions from the science section, the questions are always on the easier side. So when you are reading NCERT just go through the basic theory part and that is enough for your exam.

It’s better to look at some PYQs of the science section so that you have an idea of the level of questions asked and you can prepare according to that. NCERTs are always the best books for NDA Preparation.

5. Pathfinder by Arihant Publication

Best books for NDA Preparation

The last but not the least and the all-rounder of all the books – Pathfinder by Arihant Publication. As mentioned above this is the all-rounder book means it covers the whole syllabus of NDA in just one book.

If you are looking for a single book and do not want to be jumbled among the book then you can look for Pathfinder. The book has a variety of questions including Previous Year Questions of NDA and the theory section of this book is also good.

One drawback of the book is that if you are a little weak in maths then first you have to clear your concepts from NCERT Maths textbooks before solving the Pathfinders maths section.

Overall it is a very good book you can definitely consider buying it.

Subject-wise summary Table of the books

SubjectBest Book
MathematicsMathematics for NDA/NA by RS Agrawal
EnglishObjective English by SP Bakshi
G.KObjective G.K by Lucent Publication
PCBNCERT Textbooks
All SubjectsPathfinder by Arihant Publications

So this was our post on best books for NDA preparation I hope the post helped you in selecting some good books for your NDA preparation. Remember selecting books and staking them is not enough you have to be very consistent with your study schedule to crack the NDA exam.

Best of luck with your exams and don’t forget to share the post with your fellow aspirants also consider subscribing to the blog for future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best book for NDA Maths preparation?

Mathematics for NDA/NA by RS Agrawal is the best book for NDA Preparation.

Which is the best book for NDA GAT preparation?

If you are looking for one book for the whole GAT preparation then Pathfinder by Arihant Publication is the best book for GAT Preparation.

Best book for Physics, Chemistry and Bio preparation for NDA

For the preparation of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for NDA NCERT textbooks of 11th and 12th are more than enough.