NDA SSB Dress code

First of all the question that arises in our mind is- What is SSB? So the answer to this question is SSB Which stands for Service Selection Board which is the body that conducts SSB interviews on behalf of UPSC of the candidates who have qualified for the written exam. NDA SSB Dress code SSB interviews the candidates for Army, Air Force, And Navy.

NDA SSB Dress code

It is very important to follow the NDA SSB Dress code because it reflects the candidate’s understanding of Professionalism and ability to adhere to the standards set by the Armed Forces. It also reflects the idea of Unity and togetherness. By following the prescribed NDA SSB Dress code candidates show their seriousness, and commitment and adhere to rules and regulations. However, It is a performance that will determine your selection.

1For Female candidates suits/saree are permissible1 set 1 set(not compulsory)Necktie
2Shoes2 pair2 pairSports and formal
3Neck tie1 pair1 pairoptional
4Winter wear1 Pair1 pairSeasonal requirement during winter
5White shorts and T-shirts2 pair2 pairFor GTO Task

Dress Code for Boys

1. Formal Attire

For NDA SSB Dress code a well-fitted suit for boys becomes very important during the personal interview because it reflects the commitment of the candidate towards his goal and also suggests the self-disciplinary idea. Formal suits involve a trouser that can be black and blue along with white or blue formal shirts. The suit should be tailored to fit your body properly. It should not be too tight or too loose. Ensure that the shoulders, chest, waist, and sleeves are well-fitted.

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Candidates must assure that the white formal shirts should be completely plain and not fancy or funky patterns should not be printed over that which will make a very bad impression and piss off the Interviewing officer (IO). White Shirt should be properly well maintained, neat and clean, and properly Iron.

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For NDA SSB Dress code Candidates must keep in mind that the shoes worn by them should be black only and should have laces. During the interview, the candidates must keep their shoes clean and well-polished. It makes a huge impression on Interviewing officer.

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NDA SSB Dress code for GTO Task

In NDA SSB Dress code GTO is an outdoor activity in which mainly on physical exercise and participation is focused. This is one of the most important tasks in which the dress code is strictly followed because unlike other activities this is a group activity and uniformity is needed for which you should like others.

For the GTO task, a candidate is required to carry a pair of white shorts and a white T-shirt and sports are also required as the activity mainly focuses on running and climbing tasks.

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Along with the white shorts, a candidate is also required to carry a white collar t-shirt provided that the T-Shirt should not have any kind of funky pattern on it. For White Collar T-shirts please Visit the link given below-

For shoes please visit the given link below-

Grooming and personal hygiene

Talking about the grooming and personal hygiene of the candidate, a candidate must assure that he is well-groomed and neat and clean. Here are the few things a candidate must focus on to lead an outstanding impression during his NDA SSB.

  • Clothing– A candidate must Wear clean and well-fitted attire that is appropriate for the occasion. Make sure your clothes are neatly pressed and free from stains and wrinkles
    • Hairs– For Male Candidates hair should be neat well groomed and perfectly trimmed. Make sure to avoid hair colors and unconventional extreme hairstyles. For Female candidates, it is advised to keep their hair perfectly styled and professional looking.
    • Facial Hairs– For male candidates, it is compulsory to shave their facial hairs for a professional looking. However, they can keep their Moustache but it should be perfectly groomed and well maintained.
    • Nails– For male candidates nails should be properly cut and clean and for Female candidates nails should not be too long and they can apply nail polish but it should not be chipped.
    • Skin Care– Take care of your skin. Apply moisturizer and prevent UV rays to fall on your face to prevent Acne and skin infection.
    • Oral hygiene and Ear Wax– Try to take care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day to prevent any kind of dental problem and fresh breath. Along with Oral hygiene take care of your ears also by cleaning ear wax.
    • Personal Accessories– Try to avoid excess jewelry, rings, large belts, watches, and distracting accessories. Try to focus on your personality and not on accessories.


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In Conclusion, a candidate must adhere to the NDA SSB Dress code. These dress code requirements are in place to ensure professionalism, uniformity, and a sense of and sense of discipline during the selection process. By adhering to the proper attire a candidate reflects the idea of unity and togetherness. Candidates must go through the guidelines of the Service Selection Board (SSB).

The dress code for the SSB typically includes specific attire for both male and female candidates. Male candidates are expected to wear formal attire such as a shirt, trousers, a tie, and closed shoes. Female candidates, on the other hand, are generally required to wear a formal salwar kameez or a saree, depending on the specific instructions provided.

Try all your entire clothing and dress a few days before the NDA SSB Dress code interview and don’t mug up your mind and get confused on the day of the SSB interview because all that will matter is your reflection towards professionalism, officers qualities (OLQ) and as we all know that “First impression is the last impression”.  If you follow the advice in this post when making your decision, you will surely be able to get an SSB Interview.

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