Best Books For NDA SSB Interview

What is SSB?

Best Books For NDA SSB Interview. So First of all the very big question that arises is- What is SSB? and which are the Best Books for SSB or briefly known as Service Selection Board is an NDA interview that is conducted by Union Service Public Commission (UPSC). It is a comprehensive evaluation system of the candidates who qualify for the written NDA exam and are highly willing and determined to join the Indian Army, Indian Airforce, and Indian Navy.

SSB is a multi-stage selection process under which the candidates has to undergo various test like Screening, psychological test, group test, personal interview, etc. The candidate must be versatile and enthusiastic while appearing in the SSB interview since it is considered one of the toughest interviews in India.

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Why SSB is conducted and its Importance

  1. SSB or Service Selection Board helps to sort out, and selection of candidates who possess the required qualities, Aptitude, diligence, and intelligence that are required in officers and become effective leaders in the Armed forces, it also focuses on facing opportunities and challenges.
  2. SSB Interview also helps the board to recognize the candidates who possess leadership qualities as leaders are required to lead and inspire the subordinates in different challenging situations.
  3. SSB interview conducted by the board consists of psychological and group activities which test mental agility, analytical skills, and ability to take quick action on their feet as required during encounters with insurgency, it also focuses on the problem-solving skills of the candidates.
  4. SSB interview also focuses on the physical fitness and endurance of the candidate during the Medical Test. Candidates are required to meet physical fitness standards as per Selection Board. Officers need to maintain high levels of stamina, endurance, and overall fitness to perform their duties effectively.
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Best Books for SSB Preparation

1. Breaking the Code of SSB Psychological Test

This is one of the best books candidates can have for SSB preparation. Col. N. K. Mishra writes this book emphasizing the complete information and knowledge about the Psychological test conducted by the SSB. The book covers all the psychological tests at each level including Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), Self Description (SD), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), and Word Association Test (WAT).

Breaking the code SSB Psychological  Tests

Breaking the Code of SSB Psychological Test, this book has helped several candidates who have appeared in SSB Interviews, build psychological and mental agility in the candidates through its TAT stories, SRT examples, WAT examples, and self-descriptive and comprehensive examples. It comes with the perfect tools and guidance that helps candidates in shaping their personality.

2. OIR Test & PPDT- Screening Test

OIR and PPDT- The Screening Test is one of the books published by retired colonel Anshu Trivedi (Ex-SSB President SCS Banglore). It is for Stage-1 of the interview. This book mainly emphasizes logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and spatial ability test.

This book is really helpful for candidates who are very much afraid of Screening as Screening is one of the very first and most difficult tasks that candidates face, due to which about 80% of the candidates are screened out.


This Book also covers the About Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT), Narration, and Group Discussion (GD). In the PPDT test candidates are asked to analyze and perceive the Hazy picture and write a story on that, this test analyzes the communication and reasoning skills of the candidate. With the help of practice sets candidates can also excel in their preparation.

3. SSB Interview: THE Complete Guide

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide is Written by DR.(CDR) N.K. Natrajan and it provides the complete guide for the SSB interview for the Candidates. This book covers Screening, Psychological, Group testing, Interview, and Conference procedure. Books consist of Dynamic Topics like Service-Related Information, Geo-Politics, and National Issues.

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide

This book covers all the detailed topics in a very sequential manner with vast experience. The book is highly rated over the platforms and is highly recommended by defense aspirants who have appeared in previous interviews. Since it has detailed solutions and explanations of each topic, it enables the candidate to rock the interview with flying colors.

4. The Practical Guide to Become An Officer

The Practical Guide to Become An Officer is an official book of NFA for SSB preparation written by Col MM Nehru. It is one of the best books for SSB preparation and it is based on the ground and practical knowledge. The major strength of the book is well structured and organized content.

It majorly focuses on and emphasizes the importance of integrity, discipline, adaptability, and effective communication skills. Moreover, it also focuses on and goes around the technical aspects of becoming an officer.

The Practical Guide to become an officer

Another merit point of this book is that it emphasized the detailed explanation that is easy to explain and understand and proper examples, and anecdotes that engage the readers and motivate them to achieve their goals.

In Conclusion, the Practical Guide to Become an Officer provides comprehensive knowledge and information for those candidates who want to pursue defense forces and officers as their careers.


So these were the books that can be very insightful and helpful for those candidates who are preparing for SSB Interviews and want to excel in their Interviews with flying colors. We hope you have got the relevant information for Best Books For NDA SSB Interview.

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How many marks are required for SSB I interview

Candidates have to score a minimum of 90 marks out of 225

Which News Paper is Best for SSB Interview Preparation

“Hindustan Times” or “Times Of India”

Does Handwriting matters in SSB Interview

Yes, Handwriting does matter but candidates are not credited extra marks for it

Which test is more important in SSB

The situation reaction test also known as the SRT test is one of the most important and toughest tests in the SSB Interview