How to Tackle Mathematics exam for NDA

How to Tackle Mathematics exam for NDA: When it comes to the NDA exam, it basically consists of two exams. The first is mathematics and the other exam a candidate must give is the General Ability Test (GAT). Candidates really face too much difficulty while appearing in mathematics exams, there are so many problems that candidates face. Since it is an important section that the candidates must clear for their chance of selection in the written exam.

To tackle the mathematics exam candidate must understand the complete structure and overview of the exam.

Tot. No of Questions 120
Total Marks300
Duration2.5 hours
Credit for the correct answer+2.5 marks
Credit for the wrong answer-0.83 marks

Most Important Chapters for Mathematics Exam

The next move is to understand the structure and overview of the Mathematics exam, candidates must be aware of the most important chapter of the mathematics exam. Knowing they can prepare proper planning for each section.

Chapters Number of QuestionsDescription
Sets, Relations, and Functions8 questionIntroduction to sets, relations, and functions
Complex Numbers2 questionsBasic operations, properties, and Application of the complex numbers
Matrices and Determinants
20 questionsTrigonometric Functions, identities, and their applications
Quadratic Equations4 questionsConcepts of matrices and determinants, their properties, and application
Sequence and Series5 questionsArithmetic and geometric progressions, summation of series
Trigonometry20 questionsTrigonometric functions, identities, and their applications
Differential Calculus
10 questionsLimits, derivatives, rules of differentiation, and applications
Integral Calculus10 questionsDefinite and indefinite integrals, integration techniques, and applications
Coordinate Geometry10 questionsStraight lines, circles, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, and their properties
3D Geometry10 questionsCoordinates in three dimensions, distance, section formula, and vector algebra
Statistics and Probability18-20 questionsMeasures of central tendency, dispersion, probability, and random variables

Note– The number of questions in the above table may vary according to the exam pattern followed by conducting body (UPSC).

During their preparation, candidate sometime lacks motivation. To tackle this problem students can refer to 10 must-read Motivational books for defense aspirants.

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Tips to Score High Marks in Mathematics Exams

  • Understand the Syllabus: The candidate must be aware of the proper and complete syllabus and mathematics exam pattern so that they can carry out the proper planning. This will help them to focus on and plan their study accordingly. Please refer to the above table to get an idea and gist of knowledge of the exam pattern.
  • Strengthen Fundamentals: The Candidates must focus on the fundamentals of the topic and prepare accordingly. Concept building is the most important thing that a candidate must focus on, candidates must make a formula seat and memorize all the formulas thoroughly.
  • Study Material: Many Students engage themselves in finding the right study material and confuse themselves, which wastes a lot of time, for good planning and preparation. Firstly, students should stick to their basic NCERT mathematics books, NCERT books provide a solid platform to prepare. After covering the complete syllabus, students can refer to reference books. Quality study materials will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the topics and help you practice different types of questions.

For a very strong base and reference students can refer to Arihantt’s publication NDA oriented Pathfinder for the NDA exam.

NDA oriented Arihant publication mathematics books

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Also, Read the below article for the best books for NDA preparation

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  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is the key to mastering mathematics. Candidates must solve a variety of questions from various sources and should practice the previous year’s papers to make themselves consistent and faster with the calculations. Regular practice will improve your problem-solving skills, speed, and accuracy.
  • Time Management: During the exam, to attempt the maximum question in the mathematics exam, Candidates must distribute equal time for each topic. This will make the candidate familiar with the actual exam pattern that the candidate has to appear in. Practice solving questions under timed conditions to enhance your speed.
  • Identify Weak Areas: During NDA preparation candidates always address their problems in weak areas. To tackle this problem candidates must track the weak areas and focus on them and should give extra time and seek clarification from the teachers and online resources.
  • Develop Problem-Solving Techniques: Students should develop problem-solving techniques, mathematics is not about memorizing the concept it is all about building concepts and solving advanced problems, breaking down the complex problem into simpler ones for faster calculation and accuracy.
  • Seek Guidance: During preparation, it is very common to be stuck with doubt and difficulties, but it does not mean that students should ignore or hesitate to ask their teacher, classmates, and online teachers. Sometimes different perspectives make a big difference.
  • Mock test: Students must go through and solve a number of Mock tests, this will give clarity about the exam pattern, time management, and the type of questions that they can face. The mock test also helps to examine the progress, strengths, and weakness.
  • Stay Positive and Confident: During the exam, students must stay positive and should focus on problem-solving, and believes in their abilities. Developing a confident and optimistic attitude will help you stay focused, and motivated, and perform to the best of your abilities during the exam.

So these were the few tips that can help a candidate tackle the mathematics exam during the exam. Remember, consistent and dedicated practice is the key to cracking the mathematics section of the NDA exam. Best of luck with your preparations!


So this brings the end our blog post on How to Tackle Mathematics for NDA. We hope this blog post has provided you the enough information and knowledge regarding the topic. To excel the preparation please refer to the reference book mentioned in the above article.

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How much marks are required to qualify Maths exam?

Candidate has to score minimum 25% marks in the NDA maths written exam.

How much marks are deducted for every wrong answer in NDA maths?

For every wrong answer 0.83 marrks are deducted

Which part of the maths section carry the maximum weightage in NDA maths?

Differential calculus carry the maximum marks in NDA Maths