Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2024)

Hello Aspirants! Looking for some Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2024) ? You are at the right place, Today in this blog we will talk about some of the best YouTube channels providing free and quality study material and video lectures to boost your NDA preparation and achieve your dream of joining the Indian Defence Forces as an officer.

Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2024)

Please note that this post is not sponsored by any of the mentioned YouTube channels. All the recommendations are based on my personal experience and the feedback got from students.

Here is the list of the Top 10 YouTube channels for NDA preparation:

1. Arpit Choudhary

Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2023)

Arpit Choudhary (Team Arpit) is considered one of the Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation, especially for the Mathematics section. The Man Arpit Choudhary himself cleared many defence exams (as per the sources) and now guiding NDA and SSB aspirants through their journey.

He and his team are uploading strategy videos, video lectures, and notes for the aspirants. His channel got 391K subscribers and he has uploaded 3.2k videos till now.

You can check out his channel, especially for his Mathematics lectures but his team also provides good GAT video lectures. You can consider Team Arpit Choudhary in your NDA preparation journey.

2. Neha Agrawal Mathematically Inclined

Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2023)

Looking for the best YouTube channel for Mathematics preparation for NDA? here you go! Neha Agrawal Mathematically Inclined is the best channel I found for your maths preparation.

With over 1.4 Million subscribers on YouTube, Neha Ma’am is considered of the best mathematics teachers available on YouTube for IIT-JEE and NDA preparation. Her one-shot lectures are very helpful in covering the whole syllabus in less time, especially for NDA aspirants.

But the channel is only for Mathematics preparation she does not teach GAT subjects on her channel for GAT preparation you can check out other channels on the list.

3. World Affairs

Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2023)

Are you a fan of geopolitics? Or you wanna master Geopolitics? Go to none other than “World Affairs” by Prashant Dhawan. If you are preparing for defence exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT or any other defence or government exam then current affairs plays a vital role in your selection.

And aspirants preparing for defence exams like NDA with require an interview round should have at least a basic understanding of the geopolitical game going on between countries this will help them a lot in their NDA and SSB preparation.

With over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube, you can visit the channel by clicking the “Visit channel” link below.

4. Defence Wallah

Best youtube channels for nda preparation

Number 4 on our list of “Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2023)” is Defence Wallah is a unit of Physics Wallah owned by Mr Alakh Pandey. If you are looking for only one channel and don’t wanna go here and there for study material then you can consider Defence Wallah as your one-stop solution.

Defence Wallah provides both Maths and GAT lectures in one place with their expert faculty. The thing to be noted is that they also provide paid batches for NDA namely Shaurya batch if you can afford then you can also buy that.

They have 681k subscribers on YouTube and they also have a website on which they sell their paid courses.

5. Learn with Sumit

Moving on to number 5 on the list, Learn with Sumit is also like your one-stop destination for both GAT and mathematics preparation. They provide video lectures for both Mathematics and GAT. If you want to excel in current affairs, you can follow their current affairs series.

They have their free batch called “Abhyas” batch in which they teach the full NDA syllabus. Aspirants can take benefit from their organised playlists. Please note they do not provide academic video lectures.

They have 275k subscribers on YouTube and they also offer paid courses. Learn with Sumit have their second channel for SSB interview preparation named “LWS SSB Interview” You can also watch it out if you have cleared your NDA written exam.

6. Defence Squad

Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2023)

Number sixth on the list of Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2024) is Defence Squad. If you are looking for a channel for daily updates on Indian Defence and current affairs and boost your defence understanding then this channel is for you.

Defence Squad provides daily videos on defence updates in which they cover recent developments in the defence sector also and also the latest defence news.

With over 2.6 Million subscribers on YouTube, this channel can help you with keeping track of recent defence developments and thus is helpful for the current affairs section of the NDA written exam as well as your SSB interview.

7. SSB Crack exams

If you cracked your NDA written exam and now looking for the best channel for SSB preparation on YouTube then SSBCrackExams is the one! They provide expert guidance on SSB interviews from screening tests to interview round they cover it all.

With over 818k subscribers on Youtube, they also run the daily current affairs series on their Youtube channel, If you lag at current affairs then you can definitely follow their series.

The thing to be noted is this channel is only focused on SSB aspirants there is much less content for NDA written exam aspirants.

So this was our list of Best YouTube channels for NDA preparation (2024), there are many more channels available on YouTube like Centurian Defence Academy you can also check them out. Share the post with your defence lover friends and NDA aspirants so that they can also use these free resources to boost their preparation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the top 5 best Youtube Channels for NDA Preparation?

These are the Top 5 best Channels for NDA Preparation:
1. Arpit Choudhary
2. Neha Agrawal Mathematically Inclined
3. World Affairs
4. Defence Wallah
5. SSBCrackExams

Who is the best teacher of NDA Maths on Youtube?

Neha Agrawal Mathematically Inclined and Arpit Choudhary are the best teachers for NDA Maths on YouTube

Is Physics Wallah good for NDA?

Physics Wallah provides both Maths and GAT lectures on their Youtube Channel they are good enough but if you want to study each subject from experts then you can look for the individual channels on YouTube

Are 3 months enough to crack NDA?

Yes, 3 months are enough to crack NDA if you do a planned and consistent study from good sources.

Which is the best YouTube channel to study geopolitics and Current Affairs?

World Affairs by Prashant Dhawan is one of the best channels to study geopolitics and Current Affairs on Youtube for free