How to speak confidently during SSB

Jai Hind dear defence aspirants and brave future defence officers! Are you struggling to speak confidently in your SSB interview? Or do you fumble in between the sentences? Don’t worry as you are at the very right place, I assure you that you’ll never search again for “How to speak confidently during SSB“.

In this blog post, We will try our best to give you the best tips tricks and advice so that you never lose your confidence while communicating in your SSB interview and as well as with your friends or with anybody.

Speaking confidently plays a significant role in the selection of officers in the armed forces. In the SSB interview, the accessors having a good personality and the ability to present their personality plays a critical role in the recommendation.

Speak confidently during SSB interviews because it helps show your leadership and communication skills. To do this, you should prepare, practice, and follow the tips in this blog post on How to speak confidently during SSB. These things will help you become better at expressing yourself with confidence and in a way that gets your point across effectively.

Here are some tips which will help you to speak confidently during your SSB interview:

1. Practice Speaking

The most important and foremost rule to confidently speak in your SSB Interview is to practice speaking! We have always heard practice is the key to success. In order to maintain confidence and excel in your SSB Interview you should start practicing speaking from now on only.

Communicate with your friends in English whenever possible, If you hesitate to speak directly with your friends or siblings start by practising in front of the mirror. Make a schedule and give yourself at least 30 minutes to practice speaking in front of the mirror and when you are confident in speaking in front of the mirror you can gradually start practising with your friends.

Another good idea to practice English speaking is to start recording videos of yourself talking about any random topics. I’ve seen many aspirants practicing this way and this is effective as well. We all spend using our mobile phones unnecessarily for hours instead of doing that you can use the technology for the betterment of oneself.

The idea a to select a topic and start recording, this will not only improve your spoken English but also prepare you for the lecturette round in SSB Interview.

2. Overcome Nervousness

The next thing to focus on to speak confidently in SSB is your ability to overcome nervousness. Don’t be nervous as nervousness kills creativity and the ability of the brain to respond effectively which could be slightly negative for your personality in front of accessors.

Whenever you feel like you are getting nervous take deep breaths and let your mind calm. Generally, nervousness occurs when we overestimate the situation and unknowingly develop fear towards it.

Don’t think of SSB as your only way to life instead go for SSB with a calm and happy mind and present your true personality without any fear or hesitation by this you’ll feel more relaxed and less nervous.

3. Participate in Group Discussions

Participating in group discussions is an excellent way to improve your communication skills and speaking confidently during SSB Interview. Group discussions not only help you overcome hesitation while speaking but prepare you for the GD round which is the most important for you to get screened in for further rounds during the SSB.

One way to participate in group discussions is by communicating with fellow aspirants and organising group discussions. If you are associated with any coaching institute then it becomes very easy to make friends with a common goal and make a community for the discussions.

And if you are not going for any coaching then also you can find many telegram channels which organise Group Discussions on Google Meet you can participate with them also.

For the list of telegram channels for SSB preparation subscribe to notifications for follow-up posts. Also, read our post on How to crack SSB in the first attempt.

4. Be an Active listener

Active listeners are the best communicators, always listen very actively and carefully to whatever is said to you or in the discussion. If you listen actively then only you can reply to it confidently.

Active listening promotes effective communication by ensuring you are fully present in the conversation. It allows you to respond thoughtfully, ask relevant questions, and engage in meaningful exchanges, all of which contribute to your overall confidence in expressing yourself.

So always try to engage in discussions and listen carefully this will also leave a good impression of your personality in front of your accessors ultimately helping to to get recommended.

5. Improve your Body language

The last tip on the list of “How to speak confidently during SSB” is to improve your body language and maintain your personality. The body language of a candidate plays a vital role in recommendation. If you have a good personality and a great body language you will automatically feel confident during your whole interview process.

Also with great body language, you can speak effectively and confidently with the board members and also with other candidates as well.

There are various things included in body language that you can try to improve gradually, some of them are listed below.

  • Maintain Good Posture
  • Eye Contact
  • Smile Naturally
  • Use Hand Gestures Moderately
  • Control Nervous Ticks
  • Mirror the Interviewer’s Energy
  • Walk Confidently
  • Dress Professionally
  • Practice Power Poses,
  • Video Record Practice Sessions.

But remember, improving body language takes time and practice. Incorporate these tips into your daily life and practice them consistently. Over time, you will develop a more confident and positive body language that will make a lasting impression during the SSB interview.


Speaking confidently during SSB interview is important to show your leadership and communication skills. By preparing, practising, and following the tips in this blog post, you can improve your ability to express yourself confidently and effectively.

So this was our post on How to speak confidently during SSB and make sure to follow all the tips mentioned in the blog post and practice consistently for your SSB interview. Jai Hind!