Wagner and the Current Situation in Russia

Talking about Wagner and the Current Situation in Russia. Russia is now facing one of the most critical situations in the history of Russia in which its own private military organization “Wagner Group” has stood against the Russian Government and wants to overthrow “Vladimir Putin”.

Due to this arising tension between the Wagner group and the Russian Government, the situation has gone out of control. Putin called the uprising “a stab in the back”. In this blog, we are going to discuss why the Wagner group which was fighting for Russia against Ukraine is now standing against Russian Government and Vladimir Putin.

Wagner and the Current Situation in Russia

What is the Wagner Group

Discussing the Wagner and the Current Situation in Russia. Wagner group officially known as PMC Wagner is a Russian Military Organization. It is a private army after the government army which was formed by current President “Vladimir Putin” back in 2014.

Initially, the group had only 250 private soldiers but as the Russian-Ukraine war was ignited, this group started recruiting a large number of private soldiers and personnel, it now has about 50,000 brutal and lethal soldiers which include Bodybuilders, well-trained personnel, etc. Yevgeny Prigozhin is considered the leader and chief of the Wagner Group.

Initially, Yevgeny Prigozhin was an old disciple of Russian President “Vladimir Putin” and used to run a Restaurant Business. Later on, he was made the chief of “The Wagner Group” as he gained Putin’s faith.

Structure and Composition of the Wagner Group

The structure and the composition of this group are never publicly disclosed but some information has been leaked regarding the recruitment and structure of the group through open source and Investigating Companies.

Here are Some details that can be speculated-

  • Ownership and Background:

The Wagner Group is believed to be formed by Yevgeny Prigozhin with close ties with the Kremlin and the support of President Putin. After the Russian attempt at invasion of Ukraine, the US Government has sanctioned him.

  • Recruitment and Personnel:

The Wagner Group recruits its personnel from various groups of ex-military personnel, bodybuilders, well-trained personnel, and law enforcement personnel in Russia. This group also recruits personnel from private military groups by offering them lucrative contracts.

  • Size and Structure:

The exact size of this group is very difficult to guess. But as per the reports and investigating companies it could have over 50,000 personnel equipped with lethal armored technologies.

  • Funding and Relationship with the Russian Government:

The group had ties with the Russian Government and gained both financial and moral support but talking about the Wagner group and the current situation in Russia, the group has made an attempt to overthrow the Russian government.

Alleged attempts to overthrow Putin

  • As the Situation between the Wagner group and the Russian government is tense. Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin ordered his troops to head back and return to their bases towards Moscow and reclaim the positions, overthrowing Putin.
  • Yevgeny Claims that as his troops were fighting for the Russian government to reclaim the territorial part of Ukraine, the Russian military allegedly attacked and bombed them. Wagner group has claimed that they had taken control of Roston-on-Don and Voronezn, where the Russian military headquarters overseeing the war in Ukraine.
  • As a result, President Putin and Russian Government reported the criminal case against Prigozhin and accused mercenary Prigozhin of “treason”.
  • As per the reports of the news agencies, it has come forward that Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, has ordered Prigozhin to head to “Belarus” and that is way Wagner rebellion troop will not be prosecuted.

International Response

China extends support against Wagner’s rebellion

As the Wagner rebellion stood against the Russian government and President Putin, China has extended support to its President, Vladimir Putin, after an armed rebellion by the Wagner group which drew early Sunday.

Us says Wagner group rebellion in Russia may not be over yet

as the turmoil initiated by the Wagner group has now normalized as they are rendered to move to Belarus, however, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has commented that the turmoil and the revolution may last long for weeks or months.

Impact of Wagner Group Revolution on India

As Wagner and the Current Situation in Russia are very unstabilized, in such a case Russia being a very good strategic partner of India then the relation between India and Russia can go under a big threat.

Russia is the largest defense exporter of India but as the situation is not under control, the Russian government could cut off the defense supplies to India in order to overcome and fight back against the Wagner group.

Russia is also the biggest supplier of crude oil, petroleum to India. About 20% of the crude oil and petroleum is imported from Russia but as the situation is not favorable in Russia, this could cut off crude oil supplies in India which can bring stability in Automobile industries and many more sectors.


So far we have concluded how a private military group raised by Yevgeny Prigozhin has stood against Russian Government and is rebelling to overthrow Putin. This ends up the blog. We hope you have got the required information from this blog.

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